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Techy Ninjas recommends that you give us a chance to rebuild your site from scratch. This will enable us to deliver excellent results. But, this doesn’t mean that you will lose the progress that you have made so far. Instead, we will improve what you already have. Our website audit will reveal some SEO errors that could be hindering the proper ranking of your site in search engine results. Instead of fixing those issues, some clients prefer building new websites. This enables us to hit on every SEO target once instead of struggling to optimize. 

The client’s advertising campaign is another reason for rebuilding a website. If you have running Google Ads (always recommended), you want to ensure that your landing pages are advertising ready. Because we’re making your site, designing and SEO optimizing it, we also ensure that your landing pages are “advertising ready”. By “advertising ready” we mean that they follow the basic landing page structure. This includes more specials, call to actions, strong offers, and more focus on conversion.

Yes! We use technology that enables us to create responsive websites. All sites that we create a mobile-friendly. They are made to adapt to the changing landscape of consumers. Recently, Google announced that it prefers the mobile version of websites over the desktop version when it comes to rankings. Search the analytics of your current site if unsure about what is important to your business. Your site analytics should show you the source of your visitors. For more about Google’s update, click here.

Techy Ninjas uses a renowned content management system known as wordpress. Our reasons for choosing this platform include SEO scores, speed, and the ability to design websites on local businesses’ demand.

A new website design includes a new site created from scratch. This comes with a beautiful design, powerful technology, and professionally written content. Your new website is crafted to enable your business to accomplish its digital marketing goals. Our marketing packages for a new site design can include the following: 

  • A licensed custom design for the home page 
  • Six licensed custom page templates 
  • Mobile site optimization 
  • Unlimited personalized icons 
  • Up to six licensed videos 
  • Advanced forms for the website 
  • Technical monitoring and maintenance 
  • Maintenance of page speed 
  • Basic site HTML embeds 
  • Maintenance for the site speed 
  • Amazon AWS site hosting 
  • SSL token for website security 
  • Bug fixing 
  • Cross-browser compatibility 
  • Custom HTML and CSS 
  • Support via chat, phone, and email 
  • 50 new written & published pages 
  • 300 transfer pages 
  • Up to 100 edited pages or page copies 
  • A maximum of 30 site slogans 
  • Unique and custom-written call to actions 
  • Monthly site screening for grammar issues and misspellings 
  • Up to twelve written, edited, and published blog posts 
  • Blog posts shared to your pages on social media 
  • Custom blog images and thumbnails 
  • Standard SEO optimization for website’s pre-launch 
  • A maximum of 25 tracked keywords 
  • Installation of Google Analytics 
  • Installation of Google Search Console 
  • Optimization and installation of Google My Business 
  • Continuous SEO audits 
  • Continuous SEO implementations 
  • Title tag and Metadata optimization 
  • Image Alt text optimization 
  • A maximum of 62 backlinks 
  • Monthly optimization of page speed 

Each SEO package is different in terms of pricing and features. To find out what a package that suits you includes, click here. 

Standard Pre-Launch Search Engine Optimization means building a strong SEO foundation to ensure that your campaign starts on the right footing. Our Standard Pre-Launch SEO includes online footprint auditing, bad data correction, and making sure that every page on the site targets the right keywords.

“Content Page” is content that is at least 300 words. For instance, if the Pre-Existing website had 600 words, it equates to 2 Content Pages. 

Techy Ninjas recommend a photoshoot as the primary or basic imagery strategy. But we have a policy regarding stock photography. This policy is as follows: 

Techy Ninjas define Professional Stock Photography as (X) images from our designated, licensed affiliates and a site-wide design layout before the client approves the graphic design of their site. The client is responsible for all and any page-specific images, content area images, and layout images.

Your package will determine the total amount. For more information about our packages, click here. 

organic & local

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Continued improvement is required to improve and maintain the organic rankings of a website. Constant SEO efforts are what keeps a business in front of the target prospects. 

We optimize a website initially and maintain our ongoing efforts to achieve the desired rankings for the target keywords. Thus, our ongoing SEO efforts will lead your site to good rankings.

Yes. We perform ongoing maintenance of the listings of a business and its profiles online. Thus, we will keep the online information about your business accurate and updated once you hire us to manage it. Most packages include the optimization of up to 62 directory listings for a campaign.

Our ongoing SEO includes local listings optimization, routine SEO health checks, health checks implementation, Meta Title addition, image alt, fixing any broken link, and boosting the authority of the domain while adhering to Google’s SEO Best Practices.

According to Google, “doorway” pages have little value to search engine users. To learn more about what Google says regarding doorway pages, click here

Our policy here at Techy Ninjas is to move over any existing doorway page. However, we recommend that new doorway pages should not be created. Instead, the focus should be on the creation of more valuable content for your website. If you have competitors that have doorway pages, create local content for such areas. This will ensure that your business shows up in the search results from every service or job that your business has completed. You will also be able to create content for such areas naturally without going against the quality guidelines set by Google.

A Primary Location is a unique, real physical address from where a client operates regularly. This location should meet the eligibility requirements for Google My Business. Techy Ninjas will optimize your SEO campaign for your primary organic location according to Google’s guidelines. For instance, if your business is in Dallas, TX, we will optimize your marketing campaign for this specific location. 

By SEO Strategies, Techy Ninjas mean a list of possible SEO strategies comprising the following: 

  • Auditing the off-site directory, phone number, address, and off-site name (NAP)
  • Metadata creation and/or optimization 
  • Analysis of the click-through rate (CTR) and bounce rate 
  • Optimizing Google My Business 
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Auditing on-site NAP 
  • Internal link optimization 
  • Auditing the local business schema 
  • Auditing spammy links 
  • Optimization of long-tail keywords 

SEO strategies may also include the optimization of page speed, tracking of custom events, content optimization and audit, voice SEO for opportunities, and internal links optimization. Search Engine Optimization covers both offsite and onsite efforts that enhance the organic ranking of a website for organic keywords as researched and selected by Techy Ninjas.

No. Depending on the requested services, Techy Ninjas won’t work with competitors in any city, country, or town. That’s because we know how delicate business information is, especially when it comes to marketing campaigns. Therefore, Techy Ninjas sign a non-competition agreement with clients in some markets. Talk to our sales representative about this option when enlisting our services if necessary. 

Techy Ninjas does not control search engines’ policies when it comes to the type of content and/or sites that they accept at the moment and in the future. The website of the client might be excluded from a search engine or directory at any time. And this is the sole discretion of a directory or search engine. Some phrases and keywords are highly competitive. Search engines can also change their ranking algorithms. These are just some of the competitive factors that can change. Therefore, Techy Ninjas cannot guarantee the consistent appearance of your site for a particular phrase, keyword, or search term at the top 10 positions or #1 position in search results. 

Search engines can occasionally drop listings with no predictable or apparent reason. In most cases, the listings reappear without further digital marketing. Should a search engine drop a listing during your marketing campaign and it fails to reappear in 30 days of completing your campaign, we will re-optimize it based on that search engine’s current policies. 

“Authority Score” and “Domain Authority” refer to the artificial metric that different SEM tools create to gauge the optimization of a site for search appearance purposes. A website with a higher domain authority is more likely to rank for the keyword phrase that it targets. Several SEO Ranking factors determine domain authority. 

Here are the most significant among them: 

  • An SEO-audited and fully optimized website 
  • Many high-quality backlinks originating from reputable websites 
  • Relevant and compelling content 

The effect of Google Sandbox last between one and six months. Sandbox’s negative effect is generally strong during the initial months. However, it gradually declines to little and eventually no effect by the last month. At Techy Ninjas, we utilize proprietary methods to get websites out of the sandbox faster. 

Being updated on the latest Google algorithm enables any SEO team to do the right job. Here’s what we do to stay updated on Google algorithm here at Techy Ninjas:

  • Foreseeing or monitoring the latest industry developments via industry leaders regularly. 
  • Earning our access to the latest beta tests 
  • Partnering with Google and getting information before our competitors 
  • Attending conferences, reading content in Search Engine Journal and buying knowledge.


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The length of the contract that you enter with us depends on the nature and scope of the services that you need. In most cases, we enter a short service agreement of 4 months. After this, the agreement can be monthly. That’s because we invest some resources to enhance the performance of your site upfront. Such resources may include the use of outside technology, our labor, and expertise in completing your project successfully.

Techy Ninjas’ inclusive fee covers all necessary work that should be performed to accomplish the client’s goal. 

Here is what our fee covers: 

  • Professional web design and development: We start with the actual website creation. This includes beautiful website design, professionally-written content, and powerful technology that meet the internet marketing demands and goals of the client. 
  • Internet Marketing: Techy Ninjas is a full team of internet marketers. Working with us means you’ll have a professional team working for you. You get constant communication and support from professional marketers that will be assigned your account. 
  • Pre-Launch Search Engine Optimization: We establish a solid SEO foundation for your website during its launch. This ensures that your campaign starts in the right manner. Our pre-launch SEO includes auditing the current footprint of your brand online and correct any bad data, among others. 
  • Ongoing SEO: Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. It needs constant improvement and attention to improve and maintain organic rankings. Our ongoing SEO will keep your business in front of the target audience. 
  • Local Business Directories: Our fee covers the ongoing maintenance of your business listings online and profiles. We keep your business information accurate and updated online.
  • Content creation and plagiarism checks: We create content for your website and keep an eye on the internet to determine if your website content has been misappropriated. We also check to see if anybody is claiming that your content is theirs. 
  • Technical monitoring and maintenance: Our services include regular technical maintenance and monitoring to ensure that your site is performing optimally and that it’s healthy. Our monitoring and maintenance include checking daily backups and hosting. 
  • Website Chat: Our services include a website chat installation that can be used to start conversations with visitors. You will be notified via email whenever you have a lead coming via the chat.  
  • Techy Ninjas Call Tracking and Reporting: Our call tracking and reporting give you access to all the information you need in one place. This includes viewing reports for paid advertising and leads tracking. 
  • Custom Social media, Billboards, Post Cards, and Social Media Graphic Design: Techy Ninjas design icons, banners, images, and other media for websites. You also get graphic designs for different profiles on social media. We ensure a consistent design for your brand across these platforms. 
  • Blogging Packages: Our blogging package guarantees you quality content for your site that is produced by highly competent and experienced content developers. They know how to talk about your brand, share your unique story, and connect with your target clients or customers online. 
  • Custom Photography: If you run a local business or company, we will come to you for a photoshoot. This will last for 3 to 6 hours during which we will capture the most important and best aspect of your company. Our crew will direct, stage, and hire actors. That means you won’t struggle to do anything. Just sit back and relax as Techy Ninjas do everything for you. 

To succeed in online marketing, you need ongoing campaign management, management of different platforms, keywords management, experts’ analysis, call tracking, hosting, technology, provider management, data science, and third-party service vendors management, as well as, integrations.  

At Techy Ninjas, we roll all the involved costs into a single monthly budget. This ensures that you won’t pay extra if your accounts need changes, more work is required, new features need to be added, or vendor expenses need to be paid. You also won’t go over the agreed monthly allocation from the external vendors. 

Techy Ninjas’ inclusive costs also includes the technology expenses, licensing and platform costs, data usage and machine learning costs, database and server costs, phone call tracking costs, landing pages development expenses, ad creation, and optimization costs, call recording and storage costs, hosting costs, billing team expenses, recorded call transcription expenses (if activated), and campaign management costs for the required people. The costs of campaigns’ analysts, geographic experts, data science crew, vertical experts, keyword maintenance team, data science team, and other people that work continually to improve your campaign performance are fully covered. 

Techy Ninjas wants you to have the best website without incurring spending a ridiculously high amount of money. To accomplish this, we follow a process that ensures that our crew and the client have the same goal. That goal is to create a site that will make your business stand out and bring you the best ROI. This is a step-by-step process of building a website for our client: 

  1.  Intro Call: This is the first step where you meet the Techy Ninjas team. We also take the time to know you, learn about your business, and what you’re looking for. We will also discuss the goals of your campaign, the selling points of your business, your preferred design, and website goals. This enables us to come up with something that you love. 
  2. Project Planning: Once you’ve met our team and we have learned about your business and its goals, we move to the next step of scheduling your website’s creation. This includes coming up with deliverables for our team with timeframes. 
  3. Website Analysis: If you have a website, we will analyze it to determine its current performance. We determine what is working and what is not. We consider analytics, conversions, user experience, and come up with a plan for improving this. 
  4. Sitemap Development: We come up with a sitemap for a modern, clear website. A sitemap is a blueprint for content on a website. It affects the functionality and design decisions. You will get a sitemap for your website for approval. 
  5. Content Development: Once you’ve approved the sitemap, we embark on content development. We create content that ensures the proper ranking of your website on search engines like Google. We can take two weeks to develop the content. Our competent copy editors will analyze the existing website to determine what works, the information that should be added, and content that will enhance the organic search ranking of your website. 
  6. Design Phase: Here, we design a homepage for your new website and interior pages designs based on the initial consultation. We come up with a website design that reflects the future image of your brand. A new website is bound to change your business. As such, we make sure that you’re ready for this change. 
  7. Development: Once you approve the static designs, our coders focus on turning them into a functional website. The site will be checked by your project manager carefully and thoroughly for quality while stylizing and adding content. This is the step where your new website comes to its new life. It can last for up to two weeks. 
  8. Quality check: We perform internal quality checks after coding your website fully. This includes the importation of Metadata, all content, testing forms, and checking the website across all devices and browsers. Some of the things that we check include: 
  • Forms 
  • Call to actions 
  • Internal links 
  • Buttons 
  • Click to calls 
  • Grammar or improperly spelled words 

We use external technologies to do this. Our virtual assistants and internal teams can perform the checks to find and report errors. Essentially, we ensure that you get a fully functional website. 

Site Activation and Launch: After the quality check, we review the functional website with you. We edit the DNS table with new records after your approval and your site will go live! This makes your site visible to internet users under your chosen domain name.

We do several things after launching your website to ensure the accurate appearance of your data. Our SEO team works on several things during your site’s initial launch. 

These include: 

  • Directory Audit: This entails making sure that your address, name, and phone numbers are displayed correctly on the web. This is crucial for proper SEO standings. We ensure that you have consistent NAP details across 65 plus web directories. This is very important to search engines like Google. 
  • Post-Launch SEO Audit and Health Checkups: Once your website goes live, we register it on Google WebMaster Tools. This ensures that your newest website version is displayed by Google in all search results. Our team works with Google to ensure that your new website appears for searches with your target keywords in the right places. 
  • Content Marketing: You should publish new content on your site every month. This will enhance the competitiveness of your site in the SEO landscape. We have professional writers that recommend the right blogging schedule. We can also create the content to take the burden of writing and updating the site from you. We will present a content plan for approval. Once you approve it, we will come up with a content calendar that will keep your brand at the top of the SEO landscape. 

Digital advertising plan and launch strategy: Now you have a beautiful, fully-functional website. The next phase is advertising. Techy Ninjas has a professional Ads Team that will create a launch plan for the advertising budget. We come up with a budget and plan that will get your business more clicks, calls, and conversions. This budget is recommended even before the commencement of your project. What’s more, we manage this budget monthly and adjust it regularly to ensure its maximum utilization.

We engage in continuous marketing of your website after its launch. This marketing focuses on bringing you more visitors and contacts. Here is what Techy Ninjas will do every month: 

  • Daily Ads Management: This entails the creation of ads, ads removal, adjusting bids, split testing, landing pages adjustment, and management of negative keywords among others. 
  • Site Monitoring and Maintenance: We keep updating the speed of your site pages, checking and improving the health of your website, increasing accessibility, usability, and overall performance based on the standards set by Google. 
  • Content Management: This involves new content creation, editing, publishing, posting, designing new content banners, and adding them to your website. Our content development experts work alongside the design team using the content plan for your site. This ensures that fresh content is added to your website on time. 
  • SEO: Techy Ninjas put ongoing search engine optimization efforts on your website. These efforts include routine health checks for your website’s SEO, local business listings optimization, health checks implementation, and the addition of Meta, Titles, image alt, and fixing all broken links. We also perform the necessary SEO work according to Google’s SEO Best Practices to boost your domain authority. 
  • Conversion Analytics and Reporting: Techy Ninjas will check all leads that come through your site and take notes on the reasons why your website visitors converted into interested clients or customers. We look at form submissions, phone calls, and chats’ engagements. This enables us to identify common themes about things that happen in the eco-system of your website. Eventually, Techy Ninjas will strategically recommend the changes that the marketing team should make to boost the conversion rate of your website. 
  • Consultation: We provide recommendations in an easy to use manner. We can provide recommendations that are beyond the range of our services. However, we provide recommendations that can ultimately improve the performance of your site and marketing campaign. The manager of your account will contact you every week to explore more findings while making recommendations.

An Account Manager at Techy Ninja is an Internet Marketing Manager. This is a professional that is assigned your account apart from the other specialized members of our team based on your selection of the applicable services in your digital marketing strategy.

Techy Ninjas’ servers will host your website at the time of your Agreement with us. During this period, we will monitor your website continuously and perform the necessary maintenance. A client can update the site by calling us, sending us a text message, or an email request. Such a request should be sent to the Internet Marketing Manager at Techy Ninjas.

Several provisions will apply if a client accepts the Agreement electronically. 

These are: 

  • An agreement serves as an electronic contract setting out terms of services that are legally binding and have to be acknowledged before the execution of this agreement. 
  • A client or their authorized agent accepts this Agreement and all Terms and Conditions when they click the “I Agree” button. By clicking on this button, the client takes an action that creates the electronic signature whose effect and legal force is the same as that of a handwritten signature for written contracts under all applicable regulations and law. This electronic signature is legally binding. 
  • Clicking on the “I Agree” button means that the client or their authorized agent acknowledges that they have read and accepted the Agreements, all Terms, and Conditions in it, and represents, agrees, and warrants that the Client or their authorized agents have the authority, power, and legal right to enter this Agreement on the Client’s behalf.

conversion &

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We utilize modern call tracking technology to locate and identify a “new and potential client” that calls in. Our goal is to make your digital marketing campaign effective. To improve our monthly reporting, we measure the phone calls’ quality. 

We use proprietary and legal call tracking software. That means data from clients and prospects won’t leak out. We just monitor the data and provide accurate reports for your leads. Thus, the data belongs to you. You can also download and install an application to track the coming calls.

A website chat is an effective AI-powered option. You can add it to your site directly with little management. It sends contact details right into your emails whenever a new lead contacts you through the chat.

Techy Ninjas has the right to modify, refuse, remove, or substitute any information, content, or materials that may: 

  1. Deem to violate personal, privacy, contractual, or proprietary rights of the third parties. 
  2. Be contrary to the SEO practices of Techy Ninjas 
  3. Defame or expose to any legal liability, or harm Techy Ninjas. This can collectively be described as Disallowed Content.

Among the SEO tools that we use to monitor, track, and measure progress include: 

  • Google Marketing 360 Platform 
  • Google My Business 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Google Search Console

Yes. You can have direct access to your site’s data and analytics. You own it. That’s because we work within your existing Google Accounts.

A “Source” means how a visitor, new lead, phone call, website contact, web chat, or web engagement arrived at your website. Techy Ninjas will track your campaign’s lead sources.

A monthly budget comprises the monetary sum that you pay to Techy Ninjas in advance for the Services to be rendered and the collective advertising budget for the coming month. As a Client, you won’t pay any money directly to the advertising vendors. Instead, Techy Ninjas will be responsible for your advertising budget. We will report everything back to you. 

We use several factors to determine the monthly advertising budget for a client’s campaign. Here are some of those factors: 

  • Locality 
  • Population 
  • Competitors 
  • Services (which determine the number of used campaigns)

Yes. You get monthly reports that show the performance of key indicators of your advertising campaign. 

These can include: 

  • Leads By Source 
  • Cost Per Lead 
  • Leads 
  • Leas Growth MoM, YoY, QoQ 

The monthly report will also include other analytics that you can expect from a professional marketing report. 

These include: 

  • Returning Visitors/ New Visitors 
  • Traffic Sources 
  • Overall Traffic 
  • Top Keywords 
  • Top Pages 
  • Keyword Movements 

Talk to our sales representative if you wish to see our report sample. They would be glad to send you a sample as soon as possible.