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AdWords Management San Antonio

Proper AdWords management increases targeted traffic within a very short time. In fact, businesses across the world use AdWord campaigns as an efficient way to expand their search. That’s because these campaigns bring instant results. Nevertheless, an AdWord campaign is not easy to run. It requires expertise, creativity, and time. At Techy Ninjas, we offer professional management services that include different activities that relate to maintenance of a Google AdWords account. We help our clients in planning, creating, and monitoring search campaigns.

Comprehensive AdWords management services

Our management services comprise of a process that includes different elements.

These are:

  • Keyword research, selection, and organization
  • Campaign planning, strategizing, and identification of the most effective AdWord groups
  • Budget planning and AdWords bidding
  • Ad text creation and optimization
  • AdWords campaign monitoring, analysis, and reporting

This list of activities seems like a step-by-step scheme that should be followed to achieve the desired results. However, running an AdWords campaign is a more complex process that requires strategic planning and creativity. And, it’s only by combining strategic planning with creativity that the desired results can be achieved even when faced with a tight competition.

Professional Management Services

We are a team of AdWords certified professionals and San Antonio SEO experts with a vast experience in troubleshooting troubled AdWords accounts, optimizing AdWords, and setting up better implementations to integrate other Google products. Basically, we handle every aspect of the management process. That means if you are getting confused by AdWords or not getting results from your AdWords campaign, we can help you. We have been doing this for years.

Talk to us for help with:

  • AdWords account rebuild or setup
  • Advanced features implementation
  • Continuous account optimization and daily monitoring

AdWords Audit and Consultation

May be you don’t need continuous help with the management of your AdWords. Perhaps, you just need a second opinion on your AdWords campaign. In that case, we can audit your AdWords account and recommend the most important things to do. We provide a comprehensive AdWords audit report that is full of tips and recommendations for your specific account.

This report includes:

  • A comprehensive review of AdWords and GA
  • A report on “Low Hanging Fruit” or list of the tasks that you should do to improve the performance of your account
  • Advice on budget holes, performance leaks, and trouble areas

AdWords management requires time because you have to conduct extensive keyword research. Additionally, not every advertiser knows how to select the right keywords to target. Consequently, consulting an experienced professional becomes the most ideal option. At Techy Ninjas, we have experts that know how to conduct keyword research, select the most appropriate AdWords, implement advertising strategies, and monitor results.

Let The Experts Manage Your AdWords

Techy Ninjas has experts that will get your AdWords campaign started, overhaul the existing campaign, or manage the AdWords for you. Our management program entails complete development including creation and optimization of AdWords and their management.

Call us now to discuss your AdWords management today!