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Put Your Biz on the Map

Need help to put your biz on the map? Then talk to Techy Ninjas today. Almost 97% of people search for services and goods online. It is therefore important to ensure that your local prospects can easily find the information that they need about your business, product or service online. Techy Ninjas is a full-service website design agency. We want to help you get your business online and manage its information to make it easy for customers and prospects to find.

Your Best Business Partners

When it comes to getting your business on the map, trust Techy Ninjas to be your best partner. We help you with every aspect of getting your business online including local directory registration. Our goal is to ensure that your customers and prospects can find and connect with your business as well as share information about it. We help your business develop a strong community. Google provides FREE tools that Techy Ninjas will use to boost the local visibility of your business.

Why Put Your Biz on the Map?

There are many reasons to ensure that your business features in the map for local listings.

  • 97% of local consumers use the internet to find services and goods. We can help you get your business verified to appear in Google Maps for local searches.
  • Four in every five consumers use search engines when looking for local information. Your Google profile will appear in the local searches to enable searchers to learn about your business.
  • 37% of local businesses have already claimed their local business spots on Google. Fill out your profile by providing details of your business hours, company description, and pictures.

Ensuring that a small business has a spot on Google Maps brings more traffic. If you are not a professional, you may find this challenging to do. Fortunately, our experts will be glad to assist you.

Call us now to put your biz on the map with ease!